Te Aratai College, Linwood
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RMM, in close collaboration with Architectus and Aurecon, has successfully revitalised Te Aratai College, creating a vibrant and cohesive campus that reflects the school's culture and engages with the wider community.

Drawing inspiration from the patterns and textures used on the school’s buildings, we integrated these elements into the landscape design. By doing so, we achieved a sense of unity, forging a strong connection between the built and natural environments.

By incorporating pockets of vegetation throughout the campus, we softened the architectural elements and created informal breakout spaces. At the school's request, we predominantly chose native plant species, bolstering the local ecosystem and championing indigenous flora.

We carefully retained an existing mature tree from the previous campus—a memorial tree. This cherished tree now serves as a focal point, symbolising the connection between the past and the present, thoughtfully constructing the new school around it.

Throughout the design process, we collaborated closely with Architectus, Aurecon, the Ministry of Education, and Te Aratai College. This collaborative effort resulted in a landscape masterplan promoting better overall connectivity across the site.

The design also allows for future development to be undertaken as the school's roll expands, and by considering the surrounding connections and streets, the campus is weaved into the broader fabric of the neighbourhood.
Central to our design approach was the use of various hardscape finishes, chosen strategically to visually break up the space and delineate areas for movement and gathering. This careful selection ensures both functionality and aesthetic appeal, enhancing the overall campus experience.
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RMM's completion of the Te Aratai College Project showcases our ability to bring visions to life, work closely with clients and design partners, and create vibrant and cohesive spaces. We're incredibly excited to see students and faculty enjoy their new campus.
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