RMM's broad landscape design expertise, deep-rooted planning and assessment experience, and strong commitment to sustainable design innovation, enables our multi-skilled team to excel across a range of projects.

We provide our comprehensive landscape architecture services to residential, commercial, governmental, educational, and sub-division clients and contractors.

Learn more about our design, master planning, and assessment processes below.
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At RMM, we are dedicated to transforming our clients' visions into reality. Our design response is rooted in a comprehensive understanding of each site, ensuring that every project begins with a thorough site analysis. From the initial concept through to detailed design and project management, we meticulously craft our approach to align with our clients' aspirations and goals.

Our process is collaborative and tailored, offering a fully integrated design service that spans various scales and budgets. By leveraging our expertise and attention to detail, we ensure that each project not only meets but exceeds our clients' expectations. Whether working on small-scale residential projects or large-scale commercial developments, our commitment to excellence remains unwavering, delivering exceptional results that reflect the unique vision of each client.
Design Process:
Site Inventory and Analysis
This initial phase involves a comprehensive assessment and analysis of the existing site conditions, taking into account all contextual considerations. We collaborate closely with the client to establish a detailed project brief, ensuring a clear understanding of objectives and expectations.

Preliminary Concept Design
We explore opportunities and ideas for the site through a series of conceptual sketches and plans. This phase focuses on the initial development of creative solutions, providing a visual and strategic foundation for the project.

Design Development
Building on the preliminary concepts, we refine and enhance the initial ideas into a finalised design. This phase includes the creation of detailed design reports and preliminary project costing, ensuring feasibility and alignment with the client's vision.

Detailed Design and Contract Documentation
We prepare comprehensive drawings and specifications suitable for tendering and construction. These detailed documents serve as a precise guide for contractors, ensuring that every aspect of the design is clearly communicated and executable.

Building Consent and Tendering
In cases where a Building or Resource Consent is required, we offer assistance in obtaining the necessary approvals. We manage the process to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Project Tendering
We administer the tender process, which includes calling for tenders, evaluating submissions, and selecting the most suitable contractor. Our goal is to secure the best value and quality for the project.

Contract Administration During Construction
During construction, we provide thorough management and observation, conducting regular site visits and maintaining open communication with contractors. We issue contract instructions and payment certificates, ensuring that the project proceeds smoothly and adheres to the agreed-upon plans and standards.
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We collaborate closely with our clients to establish the tailored design processes that ensure the success of each project. Discover how our expertise can bring your vision to life - contact RMM today to discuss your project and shape your future.
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Master Planning
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At RMM, our master planning process prioritizes the integrity of the environment while balancing human needs with natural processes. Our approach encompasses the protection, preservation, and enhancement of the landscape's cultural values and natural resources, ensuring sustainable and harmonious development.

The involvement of landscape architects in the early stages of development and site planning adds significant value. Our expertise ensures that the master planning process is guided by a deep understanding of both the natural environment and human dynamics, leading to optimal results.
Master Planning Process
Multidisciplinary Collaboration
We work closely with consultants from various fields, including traffic, ecology, engineering, geomorphology, recreation, archaeology, planning, and architecture. This integrated approach enables us to tackle complex site challenges comprehensively and innovatively.

Community Consultation
Engaging with local communities is central to our process. We prioritize community consultation and participation, ensuring that our plans are culturally rich and reflective of local values.

Environmental Responsibility
Our master plans are designed to be environmentally responsible, promoting sustainable practices and the preservation of natural resources.

Social Diversity
We create socially diverse plans that cater to the varied needs of all community members, fostering inclusive and vibrant environments.

Economic Viability
Economic sustainability is a key consideration in our master planning process. We strive to develop plans that are economically viable and beneficial for long-term growth.

Commitment to Urban Design Excellence
As a signatory to the New Zealand Urban Design Protocol, we are committed to upholding high-quality urban design principles in all our projects, ensuring excellence and innovation in every aspect of our work.
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We have the greatest chance to add value to a project by having an early involvement in the development process and site planning - connect with RMM today to create innovative master plans that respect the environment and enrich communities.
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RMM has extensive experience in landscape assessment, working collaboratively within multi-disciplinary teams across Aotearoa New Zealand. Our expertise extends to engaging with local communities, iwi, district and regional authorities, as well as individual and corporate clients.

This broad spectrum of collaboration ensures that our landscape assessments are thorough, culturally sensitive, and aligned with regulatory requirements. Our proven track record in diverse project environments underscores our commitment to delivering comprehensive and insightful assessments that meet the unique needs of each client and community.
Assessment Options:
District and Regional Wide Landscape Assessments
We conduct comprehensive assessments of district and regional landscapes, identifying outstanding natural landscapes, amenity landscapes, and natural features. Our evaluations ensure that landscape values are recognized and preserved across wide geographical areas.

Landscape and Visual Assessments
Our team provides detailed landscape and visual assessments, contributing to Assessments of Environmental Effects (AEE) to comply with the Resource Management Act. We analyze potential visual impacts and propose mitigation strategies to ensure sustainable development.

Landscape Evidence and Expert Witness
We prepare and present authoritative landscape evidence in various legal and regulatory settings, including the Environment Court, the Board of Inquiry, and Council hearings. Our expert witness services are grounded in thorough research and professional integrity.

Management Plans
Our expertise includes the development of broad-scale land-use planning, landscape management studies, and reserve management plans. These documents articulate a clear vision for the sustainable development and stewardship of landscapes, guiding future management and use.

Peer Reviews
With our established reputation and extensive experience in landscape planning, we are frequently called upon to conduct peer reviews of assessments and evidence prepared by other consultants. Our peer reviews ensure accuracy, reliability, and adherence to best practices in landscape assessment.
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We leverage our extensive experience and multidisciplinary collaboration to provide thorough and insightful landscape assessments - partner with RMM today to gain expert insights and innovative landscape assessment solutions.
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At RMM, we are deeply committed to fostering the next generation of landscape architects. Several members of our team actively teach at Lincoln University's School of Landscape Architecture (SOLA), contributing their expertise and passion to various aspects of the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BLA) degree. Over the years, our team has covered a wide range of subjects, enriching the curriculum and inspiring students. Additionally, we collaborate with SOLA on research projects, advancing the field of landscape architecture through innovative studies.

Our dedication to professional development extends beyond academia. At RMM, we prioritize continuous learning and growth within our studios. Our staff regularly attend national and international conferences, staying abreast of industry trends and emerging topics. These experiences are invaluable, and our team members return energized and eager to share their newfound knowledge, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

We believe in the importance of sharing our professional experience with the broader community. To this end, we offer internships to both local and international students, providing hands-on learning opportunities in a dynamic studio environment. Many of our local interns come from Lincoln University, with several transitioning into full-time roles at RMM. Our international interns hail from diverse countries such as France, Germany, Denmark, and Sweden, bringing fresh perspectives and enriching our team.

Wherever you are in the world, we welcome you to explore internship opportunities with RMM. Feel free to contact us to learn more about how you can join our team and contribute to our ongoing mission of excellence in landscape architecture.
Wellington Design Comp
At RMM, we embrace the opportunity to continually push our conceptual design boundaries through active participation in landscape architecture and design competitions. These competitions serve as a platform for us to explore innovative ideas and showcase our expertise in creative problem-solving. Engaging in such endeavours not only challenges us to think critically and imaginatively but also fosters a collaborative spirit within our team.

Each competition entry represents a collective effort, where diverse perspectives and skills converge to produce compelling and visionary designs. By participating in these competitions, we not only strive for excellence in design but also stay at the forefront of industry trends and advancements. Explore some of our past entries below to see our efforts in pushing the boundaries in landscape architecture and design.
Earthquake Memorial
Canterbury Earthquake Memorial
The RMM entry for the Canterbury Earthquake Memorial was entitled [the] EMBRACE.

The word 'Embrace' means holding, supporting, protecting, including and accepting, as a welcome or a sign of friendship, often after loss. RMM used 'Embrace' as a site metaphor for sensitively, weaving together in memory, reflection, and regeneration of the people affected by this tragedy.

RMM's entry featured a dialogue between history, culture, and natural systems woven in a series of rich, dynamic, and reflective design interventions throughout the site. A seam of stone memorising those who lost their lives provides our collective experiences with a nexus. Names are inscribed with the youngest cradled in the centre and their elders surrounding, protecting them.

Terraces engage with the river, inviting play, and prospect while offering the chance to gather in remembrance. A canopy of 17 trees, aligned to the epicentre of the February 22, 2011, earthquake, recognises the nationalities of those who have passed while embracing new life and vitality. A bridge, dedicated to those who reached out to help, reaches out to Friendship Corner and the Christchurch's heart subtly.

The RMM entry is simple yet powerful, re-connecting people with the land, their memories and future generations with the tragedy that has been. The RMM entry did not win the competition, however, they are fortunate that their offices look out on the winning entry that has since been constructed.
Breathe Urban Village
Breathe Urban Village
RMM presented a proposal for an inner-city lifestyle block that demonstrates an innovative, comprehensive solution, to residential development of medium-high density in Christchurch, post-earthquakes. RMM led a team of consultants in design, engineering, and development to submit an entry promoting a more affordable, sustainable, and interactive way of living.

Fundamental to the RMM proposal is the innovative master plan that involves a carefully designed built form to ensure a variety of interesting outdoor spaces are formed. The landscapes serve a variety of functions including public and private circulation, storm water purification and collection, community recreation and gathering, and secluded places for rest and relaxation. The RMM proposal was ranked among the top 10 out of 90 entries. There has been no development of the winning entry and the site remains fallow.
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Ellerslie Flower Show
Collaborating with the Canterbury Horticultural Society, RMM created an avant-garde entry that challenged the norm of Ellerslie. LOVE (IN) YOUR GARDEN is a sculptural rooftop garden that tells a love story combining romance, fertility, and resilience aspects. In a regenerating post-earthquake landscape, this is told through a sculptural display of abstracted flower anatomy.

A stamen grove dances metaphorically in a romantic display of affection around the pistil. Familiar survival items fill the anthers on top of the filaments instead of the pollen typically fertilizing the pistil. This alludes to both the idea of fertility and the support that our living spaces require if we are to be self-supporting and resilient. Drifts of flowering wildflowers between crushed rubble areas represent the vibrant flower petals that provide a setting for the dance of love. The garden was awarded a silver with distinction medal.
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