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Prestons Park is the second part of a major greenfield development on the northeast outskirts of Christchurch. Together with the neighbouring Prestons North development (by Ngai Tahu Property) it is the largest land development project ever assembled in Christchurch.

RMM has been involved with the Prestons Park development for more than 10 years. The final stages, including a local shopping centre, are due for completion in 2022. RMM has provided input at all project stages, from the initial conceptualisation and preparation of construction documentation through to overseeing the final built form.

The vision for Prestons Park is a master planned residential community nestled within a well-connected walkable neighbourhood. A key feature is the linear park combining the stormwater design (basins, waterways, and wetland), with open space and recreational facilities (playgrounds, site furniture, shared path, bridges, and jetty/lookout).

As part of this, Snellings Drain (an old farm drain) on the periphery of the development is being transformed into a series of interspersed ponds, connected by runs and riffles. This will provide habitat and sanctuary for a significant number of short-finned eels, as well as a pleasant environment to enjoy the sound of flowing water from the shared path and footbridges.

Prestons Park is an exemplar project for how urban development can be harmoniously integrated into a comprehensive stormwater and open space network.
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