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RMM’s landscape design for the Puriri Street property goes beyond enriching the client’s lifestyle; it also enhances the natural beauty and ecological health of the Ōtakaro/Avon River, which gracefully meanders through the foot of the estate.

The design thoughtfully incorporates materials such as timber, corten steel, and local stone. These elements complement the architectural features of the existing residence, resulting in a harmonious and cohesive aesthetic. The garden embodies a subtle sophistication and timeless appeal, seamlessly blending with the home's architecture.

The planting palette was meticulously selected to provide year-round visual interest and variety. It includes a mix of evergreen structures and seasonal perennial plants, alongside bulbs that offer an abundance of foliage and flowers for picking. This diverse selection ensures a dynamic and engaging landscape throughout the seasons.

Native plants have been strategically placed along the Avon Riverbank to enhance the river's biodiversity. The species chosen are those that would naturally thrive in this environment, promoting a sense of authenticity and ecological integrity. Overhanging sedges play a crucial role by providing much-needed shade, which benefits the river’s abundant aquatic life.

The landscape design not only creates a beautiful and functional space for the property owners but also supports the local ecosystem. By integrating native plants and thoughtful material choices, RMM has crafted a garden that respects and enhances its natural surroundings.
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RMM’s landscape design for the Puriri Street property exemplifies the integration of aesthetic appeal and ecological enhancement. Using timber, corten steel, and local stone, the design complements the existing architecture while creating a garden of subtle sophistication and timeless charm. The diverse planting palette ensures year-round interest and the placement of native plants along the Avon Riverbank enhances biodiversity and ecological integrity. This project showcases how thoughtful landscape design can enrich both lifestyle and environment, creating a cohesive and sustainable living space.
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