Cardrona Alpine Resort
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Cardrona Alpine Resort Limited (CAR) engaged RMM to provide landscape advice relating to the proposed extension of the Cardrona Ski Area Sub Zone (SASZ) as part of the Queenstown Lakes District Plan Review process.

The Internationally renowned CAR is located on the slopes of Mount Cardrona, above Cardrona Village and southwest of Wānaka. RMM assessed the potential landscape and visual amenity effects of the proposed SASZ extension in two distinctly different areas. Area 1 comprised 37ha, located within the lower slopes of Mount Cardrona near the Cardrona Valley floor. Area 2 comprised 490ha and was located on the upper mountain slopes surrounding Mount Cardrona summit. The broad landscape context of the Cardrona Valley and surrounding mountain ranges, which have an Outstanding Natural Landscape overlay, varies regarding landscape values. As part of our process, RMM identified and described the landscape in terms of landscape character units (LCUs) to enable a greater understanding of the values attributed to the landscape.

Within the wider context, the surrounding receiving environment of the Cardrona Valley was identified as having high landscape and visual amenity values due to the large-scale landforms, scenic setting and dramatic contrast between the flat valley floor and dynamic mountainous landscape. The RMM assessment considered whether the proposed SASZ extension was appropriate regarding enabling the SASZ zone provisions and the landscape and amenity values within each LCU. Recommendations were made regarding the extent of SASZ development that is appropriate for each LCU with consideration of the values and absorption capacity of the landscape.
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