Richmond Working Mens Club
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Having been part of the Richmond community since 1888, Richmond Club is a part of the fabric and history of the surrounding area. The new building and development provide improved facilities allowing the club to stay current with the modern day and to continue to serve as an anchor of the neighborhood.
RMM’s brief was to provide a welcoming external environment for the varying patrons that complemented a truly unique architectural building. From the elderly through to young families, the landscape design provides an opportunity for all to enjoy the premises through features such as outdoor open and covered dining terraces, an outdoor fireplace, pocket playground, quoits court and the Anzac Garden. The design also caters for larger events often held by the club, whether it be a quoits tournament or a darts competition.
A wonderful setting has been provided through well-rationalised planting and hard surfacing which will only improve over time as the garden matures. The landscape design further highlights the Club as a community anchor.
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