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The Richmond Working Men's Club (RWMC), a cornerstone of the Richmond community since 1888, has recently undergone a significant redevelopment to modernize its facilities. This renovation ensures the club remains a vital community hub, catering to both its long-time members and new patrons.

RMM was commissioned to design an inviting and functional external environment that complements the unique architecture of the new building and serves the diverse needs of the club’s patrons. The resulting landscape design features a variety of engaging outdoor spaces that enhance the overall experience for visitors.

Key elements of the landscape design include open and covered dining terraces that provide flexible options for outdoor dining and socializing, regardless of weather conditions. An outdoor fireplace serves as a focal point, offering warmth and ambiance, especially during cooler evenings. A pocket playground was incorporated to create a family-friendly space where children can play safely while their parents enjoy the club’s amenities.

Additionally, the design includes a quoits court, which is ideal for the club’s highly competitive quoits tournaments, reflecting the club’s rich tradition of social games and competitions. The Anzac Garden, another significant feature, serves as a tranquil area for reflection and commemoration, honoring the club's historical ties to the community and its veterans.

The landscape design also accommodates larger events frequently hosted by the club, such as darts competitions and social gatherings, by providing versatile and functional spaces that can adapt to various activities. This flexibility underscores the club's commitment to offering diverse recreational opportunities for its members and guests.
RMM’s landscape design for the Richmond Working Men's Club skillfully blends functionality and aesthetic appeal to create an inviting environment that complements the new architectural style of the building. The design features a range of outdoor spaces, including dining terraces, an outdoor fireplace, a playground, a quoits court, and the Anzac Garden, ensuring the club remains a vibrant and versatile community hub. By accommodating both casual visits and larger events, the landscape design supports the club’s tradition of fostering community engagement and providing recreational opportunities for all ages.
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