Ranfurly Village, Three Kings, Auckland
Jul 17, 2021
Since 2016, RMM has been delivering innovative design solutions and overseeing construction on this staged retirement development, which consists of several terraced apartment blocks that surround a historic Veteran’s Home built in 1903. Key design drivers include responding to the historical significance of the site and the surrounding landscape context, and creating accessible, barrier-free, and engaging spaces for residents.

Large pohutukawa trees and remnant basalt stone walls have been retained on site. Up-lighting of these features, coupled with a continuation of materiality through wall capping stones and paving materials, integrates the old with the new, ensuring coherency across the various stages of the development and reinforces the rich history of the site. RMM’s work has resulted in high quality spaces and finishes, with an emphasis on soft landscaping to define entrances and individual common spaces.
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