Abode Magazine - Winter landscape
Abode Issue59 Jul Aug22
Jul 01, 2022
Tony Milne ponders the winter landscape and the traditions that embrace the chill of the season


While a balmy day, I do enjoy seasonality and winter in the landscape. As parts of the landscape freeze, extra layers we adorn. A winter landscape can be one of beauty and bite. The crispness of the air heightens one’s senses and tingles the extremities of the body.

Winter brings traditions. In Dunedin, the hardy and possibly mad continue to ride the ocean’s energy through the winter months. Throughout Aotearoa, on the first weekend of May, men, mostly, and often fortified to beat the winter chill, gather around ponds to shoot ducks. I am sure we all have memories of experiences we associate with a certain time or tradition in the winter landscape.
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