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Sep 08, 2022
Tony Milne views the landscape from the clouds as he ponders the ephemeral highlights and temporal nature of our seasons


The plane I am in has just successfully managed to dip through the inversion layer that shrouds, envelops, and hangs heavy in the valleys of Central Otago. Above simply majestic. Imagine clear and long views over a sea of cloud, with the jagged profile of the Southern Alps punching the sky. Aoraki standing tallest, Mt Aspiring elegant and alluring. At a lower elevation, the snow-covered top of the Pisa Range sits island-like just above this downward extension of cloud. Imagine a well iced, but creased, long sticky Swiss bun.

Our ever-changing landscape presents us with plenty of opportunity to appreciate its beauty. We may stare, observe, glance, gaze or catch a glimpse for varying reasons. Bondi Beach in summer appeals, for obvious reasons, while for the more discerning, the first blossom of spring catches one’s attention.
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