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In 2007, the former Mt Aspiring Hotel was re-developed to include three new double-story apartment blocks. As part of the early conceptual design process, Brooke Mitchell was involved with David Stringer Architects to develop a site-wide masterplan and landscape strategy to integrate the proposed new buildings with the former hotel to provide a high level of external amenity to the resort.

The main driver behind the landscape design was to provide visitors with the sense of being absorbed and forming part of the quintessential Central Otago alpine experience. The landscape design, therefore, had to provide a ‘snapshot’ of the Wanaka region and allow guests to immerse themselves in their surroundings without necessarily having to leave the resort.

Various recreational facilities were proposed as part of the masterplan process, including a central heated pool with a water slide, hot tub, gym and sauna. Additionally, the creation of several external spaces enables guests to enjoy outdoor communal dining and BBQ areas, which get frequent use during the warmer months. The chosen soft landscaping includes a combination of mature, established deciduous trees that provide a wonderful array of seasonal colours and appropriate native alpine plants that help to set the scene.

The RMM directors and Christchurch staff regularly stay at the Ramada Resort when based from our Wanaka office.
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