Emily-Rose Dunn
Staff Emily Rose D
Landscape Architect BLA (Hons), NZILA Registered Wānaka
Emily-Rose Dunn began her journey with RMM Landscape Architects in 2014 as an intern and transitioned to a full-time role in 2016. Originating from Christchurch, Emily-Rose made the move to RMM's Wānaka office, where she has found a fulfilling and vibrant professional environment that perfectly aligns with her passion for landscape architecture.

Emily-Rose thrives in the dynamic atmosphere at RMM, appreciating the team's energy, dedication, and the wide array of projects that the firm undertakes. Her professional interests lie in the intersection of functionality and aesthetics, where she strives to create landscapes that are not only visually stunning but also highly practical. She is particularly attuned to the impact that both natural and built environments can have on human mood and well-being, a consideration that deeply influences her design approach.

Throughout her time at RMM, Emily-Rose has contributed to numerous projects that showcase her ability to balance beauty with utility. Her designs are characterized by a thoughtful integration of natural elements and built structures, creating spaces that enhance the user experience and promote a sense of harmony with the environment.

Outside of her professional life, Emily-Rose is an avid outdoor enthusiast. She spends much of her free time exploring the stunning landscapes of Central Otago, whether it’s mountain biking through rugged trails or hiking across scenic terrains. This personal connection to the outdoors not only enriches her life but also informs her work, providing her with a deep appreciation for the natural world that she brings into her designs.

Emily-Rose's journey from intern to a key member of the RMM team is a testament to her dedication and passion for landscape architecture. Her commitment to creating functional, beautiful landscapes and her love for the natural environment make her an invaluable asset to RMM. Her work continues to reflect her belief in the power of well-designed landscapes to enhance our quality of life and well-being.
  • Moves On foot and bike.
  • Plays In the mountains and on the water.
  • Place Sticky Forest.
  • Supports Equality for all.
  • Listens Anything you can dance to.
  • Reads Novels and cookbooks.
  • Drinks Gin and tonic.
  • Eats At Mum and Dad’s — nothing beats a home cooked meal.
  • Wishes To hike the Manasalu Circuit.
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