Ellie Duncan
Staff Ellie D
Landscape Architect BLA (Hons) Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland
Ellie joined RMM in January 2023 after completing her BLA at Lincoln University.

She grew up on a high-country farm in Central Otago which allowed her to understand the natural environment and develop her passion for a career which enables her to work within it. Her passion for her origins saw her locate her major design project in Orangapai, Central Otago which worked to achieve a range of social, historical, and environmental goals.

Outside of work she enjoys playing competitive hockey, running, catching up with friends and getting back to the high country.
  • Plays Hockey.
  • Place Family farm in Wedderburn.
  • Supports World Sepsis Day organisation.
  • Listens To podcasts and Frank Ocean.
  • Reads Autobiographies.
  • Drinks Espresso Martinis.
  • Eats Most types of seafood.
  • Wishes That I could have brought my spaniel with me to the city.
  • Travels Mostly to the Hockey turf and around Central Otago.
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