Dylan Shearer
Staff Dylan S
Landscape Architect BAS (landscape), MLA Nelson
Dylan joined RMM in Nelson in June 2022, after working in Wellington as a landscape architect and urban designer on multi-unit residential developments.

After graduating from VUW in 2013, he was director of a brewing company for a number of years before finding his way back into the landscape field. His interests within landscape relates to improving health, well-being and resilience through access to high quality spaces. His thesis had a focus on achieving this through de-prioritising cars and the space they inhabit within residential streets.
  • Moves By bike or public transport and a car as a sometimes thing
  • Plays Basketball and mountain biking
  • Place P┼Źneke
  • Listens Anything from Mount Kimbie to MIKE
  • Supports Universal design
  • Reads Sci-fi and urban design books and blogs
  • Drinks Black coffee and Parrotdog
  • Eats The latest obsession is baingan masala
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