Welcome Jess Mills to our Christchurch studio
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Aug 23, 2021
Jess graduated from Lincoln University in 2020 and since then worked as the Yard Supervisor at Urban Paving, ensuring the yard processes ran smoothly, as well as managing the students working the weekends.

Working at Urban Paving gave her an insight into what people look for in their landscapes as well as learning a lot about the hard landscaping side of things.

It was while living in Perth where Jess became inspired to become a Landscape Architect. Seeing dry, open spaces that had little to no landscaping, except for some trees and grass. It seemed like such a waste of space, that could be used more effectively, so she came home to study Landscape Architecture.

Outside of work Jess spends as much time as she can out in the hills hiking and exploring different parts of Canterbury and the South Island. With a passion for Permaculture and regenerative living, Jess has completed a certificate in learning how to design following permaculture principles.

Welcome to the team Jess!
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